Director of Production

Sean runs the production side of the company. Utilizing AutoCAD to its fullest he has designed templates and procedures that have helped to speed up production time of projects big and small. His philosophy is that you should never have to draw something twice and let the computer do the work for you. Sean is currently working to get his Architecture License after completing the IDP process and is starting to take his exams. His hope is to be able to design buildings that people love and that inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

Professional Biographical Summary

Sean fell in love with architecture at a young age. When he was 5 his parents built their dream home in Boise, Idaho. After daycare the evenings were spent inspecting the home for what had been done that day and what would be going on the following day. Over the next 4 years the rest of the subdivision filled in around him and he was able to watch the houses start from a patch of bare earth to a pile of wood then finally into a home. When his parents moved to California in 1991 due to a job transfer the weekends were for model home shopping and Sean would take the floor plans home and cut and paste them into larger more dynamic space. His plan book became a driving force for him to pursue his passion when he got older.

In High School Sean took his first hand drafting and AutoCAD classes. Having been introduced to computers at a young age his technological side and hand drafting love spawned his affection for AutoCAD. After High School Sean went to Precision Technical Institute (PTI), a vocational AutoCAD school, to get a certificate in architectural drafting so he could get on with his career faster than going to a 4 year college. At PTI he finished his class work quickly and soon became a student teacher in the class he was supposed to be taking. Teaching AutoCAD came easy to him and he was more than willing to share his knowledge and talk your ear off about the ins and outs of the program. While Sean was still at PTI he designed his first custom home of 2400 sqft that was built in Yuba City, California. After graduating in 2003 he started SDN Drafting which was a small drafting service for residential remodels.

Needing full time employment and a steady paycheck he was hired on at The Design Collaborative, later GBH Partners, as an entry level drafter in 2005. Within a year Sean had designed and implemented a number of procedures and tools to help the company and became the CAD Manager. With the downturn of the economy Sean stuck it out to the last man until the company closed in 2009.

Vance and Sean’s relationship was rekindled when Vance got him a consulting position at Bassenian/Lagoni Architects (BLA). He consulted for BLA for a little over a year before restarting up SDN Drafting but renaming it SDN Drafting and Design to broaden his scope. He teamed up with a few local architects and contractors that needed help doing residential customs and remodels and a few commercial TI’s. In this time Sean decided to go back to college and started taking classes at Cosumnes River College (CRC) in Sacramento which has one of the top design programs in the area. His took BIM classes where he again excelled earning the top grade in each of the two classes and also assisting the teacher again helping the students that could not follow along as quickly in the demonstrations. While at CRC professor John Ellis recommended Sean to sit as a student council member of the Los Rios Community College Design Board that oversaw the state and federal funds for all building going on at the four area community colleges. He served for two years under his student appointment.

In 2013 he found fulltime employment at Jeffrey DeMure and Associates (JDA) and soon resumed the role of CAD manager. Within a few months he was back to his old routine and was now in charge of training new employees on policies and procedures. He spent a lot of time with the designers trying to innovate ways to make sure anyone who worked on the drawings drafted the same so all drawings looked alike no matter who had a hand in them. Sean also spent his time working on custom homes in the Tahoe area both on the California and Nevada state lines as well as large 100 unit apartment complexes and assisted living facilities.

In 2015 Vance approached Sean to venture out with him on his endeavor in his new company. Packaging up all his knowledge he had picked up since he last time they had worked together he has been able to improve on his system that he made at GBH. The future looks bright and we look forward to expanding the team and taking on new and exciting projects.

Professional Resume


IDEArc Architecture & Planning

Irvine, California
06.15 – present

Vice President – Director of Production

Left JDA on good terms after 2 years to join back up with Vance from a ground up company. Taking the system I developed back at GBH and adding to it some of the tips and tricks I had learned throughout the years we have developed a very fast tracked system for finishing documents quickly and accurately.

Jeffrey DeMure and Associates Architects and Planners, Incs

Granite Bay, CA 95746
03.13 – 05.15 

Job Captain/CAD Manager

At JDA I started as just a drafter but in 3 months’ time I was back in charge of CAD Management. The following year I was promoted to Job Captain to oversee the junior staff and to help drafting efficiency. My primary duties included keeping out block database up and running, overseeing the production drawings and back checking, setting up training, as well as being down in the trenches doing all the keynoting and detailing I was asking the junior staff to do for me. If they saw me doing the same work they were doing it showed them that I was not above them in anyway and that I was willing to do even to most remedial job so that the projects stayed on task.


Elk Grove, California
08.12 – 02.13

AppleCare Representative

Deciding to try something new and different since the architecture world was still rebuilding I took a job at the Apple call center in Elk Grove, CA. My responsibilities started with CPU troubleshooting over the phone and then moved into the wireless multimedia department which dealt with Wi-Fi issues and Apple TV’s. One of the best companies that I have ever worked for and it allowed me to take my mind off the architectural world for a moment. I was later called out of the blue by a reference from two local structural engineers to work for JDA.

Kevlyn Investments

Davis, California
04.12 – 10.12


While going to school I worked on my off days doing electrical work, light demo and repairs of building exteriors to repair water damage and clean out apartments after tenants moved out of an apartment complex next to UC Davis in Davis, CA.

Bassenian/Lagoni Architects

Newport Beach, California
06.10 – 04.12

AutoCAD Drafter/Designer (Consultant)

I consulted for BLA for almost 2 years doing where my primary duties were mostly single family master plan communities and DD Photoshop renderings. I left BLA to start working on my design degree at Cosumnes River College.


El Dorado Hills, California

Project Manager/CAD Manager

Started out as an entry level drafter but soon moved into a senior drafting position taking on all CD and DD CAD work. Then I moved into the CAD Manager role but designing dynamic blocks and templates to speed up production time. I learned Adobe Photoshop to render the Design drawings for client meetings. I moved into the project management role as the company downsized and saw projects through their entire life cycle phase from SD to as-builts.


Precision Technical Institute

Cosumnes River College
2012, Design


Certificate for Construction Drafting (Structural / Architectural & Civil Drafting)


Whatever our role in the project, we are committed to considering our tasks as they relate to the entire enterprise and focus our efforts to always move the project toward a successful conclusion.